Development Alternatives...

The Challenge:

Analysts are promoting the advantages associated with Off-Shore Development as a means to save 40% or more of your IT development costs. However, many IT executives are concerned about:

  • Loss of control;
  • Physical distance and time zone differences;
  • Security -- personnel, data, infrastructure, intellectual property;
  • Managing, coordinating, and integrating the on-shore and off-shore components;
  • Cultural/language differences of the country; and
  • Political upheaval in the region and how it will impact their projects.

The Solution:

NetworkingPS has extensive experience in this area. Our Leadership has been both a customer of off-shore development firms and has also developed and managed the US Operations of an off-shore firm. We have been both the customer and the service provider. This unique experience has given us an insight into off-shore operations and Business Process Outsourcing that cannot be matched by other companies.


Let us create the right mix of on-site, off-site, and off-shore resources for your specific IT requirements. For companies where off-shore seems too far way, NetworkingPS has established a strategic partnership with a "near-shore" company, located in Jamaica and the Bahamas. This close geographic proximity, same time zone and same language alternative has alleviated many companies' concerns while still realizing significant cost savings.