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Enterprise Facts:

Communication and IT equipment are a critical part of your business.
Equipment is everywhere; skilled personnel are not.
Support staff need to see the whole picture with access to remote site equipment.
Trips to remote sites increase downtime and cost money.



Typical remote branch office without Secure Remote Administration.

Typical regional headquarters without Secure Remote Administration.

Why Secure Remote Administration?

In today's world of technology-driven enterprises, more and more daily business tasks require the 24/7 availability of remote devices. Business communications and operations are running on a seemingly endless network of routers, PBX's, servers, Voice Mail servers and firewalls. The continuous reliable function of all these devices is more than just a matter of convenience, for the very lifeblood of our commerce is pumping through these networks.

Most of these devices can be operated remotely, but they often require a physical presence for local console intervention, or hard boot when a problem occurs. The ongoing support of business networks is an expensive function, whether outsourced or managed internally.

The need for a new generation of management tools with the following capabilities has emerged:

  • The ability to connect to virtually any device

  • The ability to take full control of the device for power state, hard reset, console access, buffering and alarming

  • The ability to fully manage devices remotely via browser

  • Single Point Login and Audit Trail for all IT and Telephony Devices

  • Fully encrypted management sessions

  • Monitoring of all devices and Notification

  • Allowing authorized personnel to operate the device without limitations as if they were physically present at the device's location

  • Infinite Permissions for each Login Account

  • Management Overview and Audit Trail of Keystrokes

  • Authentication by Encryption and / or Biometrics

  • Provides tools for maximum access control and greater uptime while cutting overtime and allowing a rapid return on investment In a fully scalable environment

Regulations and Compliance:


New regulations mandate strict control over customer, patient, employee, and financial data:

  • Sarbanes-Oxley Act
  • Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act
  • CA SB 1386, CA SB 1
  • Homeland Security
These regulations require tighter security on access to patient and customer data.  Using a Secure Remote Administration solution can help you achieve your compliance needs.




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