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Ping Identity was founded in 2002 by industry veterans committed to simplifying the way in which digital identities are used and managed. The company has emerged as a market leader in the Identity Management industry through its unique dedication to delivering technologies and services that enable organizations to improve security, expand collaboration with trading partners and reduce the burden of regulatory compliance.

The Ping Identity product family enables a full array of authentication services, including federated single sign-on, identity verification, and access control for a broad variety of both internal and external web applications and web services.

The identity federation technology provided by the Ping Identity product suite is designed to improve customer security, enable easier collaboration with trading partners, and reduce the burden of regulatory compliance. Because of the highly disparate security requirements of the various components that make up distributed application architectures, a new approach is required for managing user identity verification, authentication and access control.

Ping Identity's technologies and services deliver results that exceed the expectations of some of the most admired companies in the world, including American Express, Boeing, Cisco, New York Life and Pulte Homes.



PingLogin is a next-generation user authentication and single sign-on framework for online services and Web applications. With a focus on flexibility and extensibility, PingLogin provides a foundation for organizations to refactor their approach to consumer authentication by centralizing authentication and eliminating vendor lock-in while reducing integration and on-going maintenance costs.

Advanced Features

  • Open and Standards-Based: Wherever possible PingLogin supports open standards instead of proprietary protocols. Additionally, certain product modules are available through shared source and open source licenses.

  • Extensible and Flexible: A flexible set of APIs gives customers a robust framework for integrating PingLogin into existing Web applica­tions and environments. As business and security requirements change, organizations should be free to add or modify functionality and not be bound to the release cycles of the product.

  • High Performance: Consumer applications authenticate millions of users daily. Consequently, lightweight mechanisms to support authentication, session management and single-sign on are critical to meet consumers’ expectations for response time and performance.

  • Focus on Authentication: As a best-of-breed solution for consumer authentication, PingLogin retains a separation between authenti­cation and application authorization.

  • Web Services Integration: While LDAP binding is supported, the PingLogin architecture assumes that Web services will be one of the primary mechanisms used by custom­ers to integrate with external authentication providers and identity stores. Therefore, an extensive API set is provided for accessing identity stores and performing user attribute retrieval.

  • Simplicity: Throughout the product, there is always a simple implementation model for basic use cases that can be built upon as necessary to address differing (and sometimes opposing) business and technical requirements.


PingFederate 4™

PingFederate™ is the industry-leading federated identity server for enabling single sign-on to online services for employees, customers and business partners. The only standalone federated identity server, PingFederate integrates and coexists with existing Identity Manage­ment deployments. As a result, enterprise-wide identity federation is achievable without extensive upgrades to Identity Management systems.

Advanced Features

Multi-Protocol Configuration Console- By providing a single use case-driven configuration console to support all versions of SAML as well as WS-Federation, PingFederate 4 simplifies configuring environments with multiple protocol connections.

  • Hardware Security Module Support - PingFederate may be integrated with an optional Hardware Security Module for PKI operations to enable compliance with FIPS 140-2 requirements.

  • Off-the-Shelf Integration Kits - To reduce the cost of integration of single sign-on with your applications and identity management systems, only PingFederate provides an entire suite of pre-built integration kits.

  • Enterprise Deployment Architecture - Only PingFederate enables you to federate applications residing in multiple domains and manage all partner connections from a single server. Through PingFederate, identity federation is a centralized service available to your entire organization.

  • Role-Based Administration - Organizations often divide admin­istrative activities across multiple individuals. PingFederate supports role-based access with differing responsibilities: User Admin, Admin, Auditor, and Crypto Admin.

  • Advanced Federation Functionality - As the most advanced federated identity server available, PingFederate provides a number of features not found in many competitive offerings such as support for multiple Identity Providers, Identity Mapping, User Attribute Management (including X.509 Attribute Sharing Profile) and more.

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