Security Management...

The Challenge:

How to manage your environment with respect to Security can be a time consuming endeavor. Some of the typical day-to-day issues facing IT Security Managers are:

  • Identity lifecycle management (user self-care, enrollment and provisioning)

  • Identity control (access and privacy control, single sign-on and auditing)

  • Identity federation (sharing user authentication and attribute information between trusted Web services applications)

  • Identity foundation (directory, directory integration and workflow)

  • Strong Audit Control (purge of invalid accounts)

  • Password Reset Automation and Self-Service

  • Automated starter/leaver process



The Solution:


NetworkingPS can help you determine and implement the optimum management infrastructure for your Security Environment. We can provide:

Current Environment Assessment – While clients are preparing to move into the Identity Management arena, gaining a detailed understanding of the current environment is critical to moving into the design phase. At NetworkingPS we have broad based experience in performing detailed assessments which include documentation of current state user management, current state use cases, and recommendations to move to a proper Idm solution.

Requirements Gathering – Many clients have vision of what they want from an Identity Management solution, but are not totally clear on all of their requirements. In order to properly develop a detailed solution design, having a solid set of requirements for each of the areas to be addressed ensures that project objectives are understood and designed accordingly. We have worked with clients in great detail to extract requirements that will help them achieve their goals, while at the same time recognize value at each stage of the deployment.

Detailed Solution Design – At NetworkingPS we believe that the solution design is the apex of a successful deployment. Taking into account the information obtained from the assessment and requirements gathering activities, we develop a detailed solution design that becomes the blueprint for all deployment activity. This solution design includes:

  • Identity Management Architecture

  • Technical Design

  • Hardware Specifications      

  • Operational Model

  • Workflow Design

  • Process Re-engineering

  • Role Based Engineering (RBAC)

  • System Support Model

  • System Test Cases

  • Future State Use Cases

  • Implementation Project Plan Detail through Platform Deployment and Application Integration

  • Knowledge Transfer Plan

  • Business Continuity Review

  • IdM Configuration Parameters

  • Provisioning Policies

  • Customization Specifications


Implementation Services – We employ highly trained, detail oriented, seasoned individuals. Our staff is well versed in utilization of best practices and driving value at each stage of the implementation. We work as a unified team with the client to ensure that knowledge transfer is taking place throughout the engagement, enabling self sufficiency at the conclusion of the engagement.


Performance Tuning and High Availability Consulting – Over time, as you add features and functionality to your Identity Management environment, you may be impacting the overall performance of your system. Through proven methodologies and procedures, NetworkingPS can increase the performance of your IdM configuration to obtain the best results possible. These results are recognized in the form of improved response time, increased user concurrency, and decreased cost from not purchasing additional hardware until absolutely necessary.  Understanding and correct execution of configuration of the software, application and operating system dependencies is a task best left for experts with experience. At NetworkingPS we have the experience to perform these tasks.



For More Information

To view or download a relevant white paper entitled "Succeeding with Automated Identity Management Implementations," please click here.